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 Δ AndyX ROM™ v3.1 - Android ICS 4.0.3 - Tweaks - Battery % - No TouchWiz - and more Δ

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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 30/01/2012
Τόπος : σπιτι μου

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Δ AndyX ROM™ v3.1 - Android ICS 4.0.3 - Tweaks - Battery % - No TouchWiz - and more Δ   Τρι Ιαν 31, 2012 8:47 am

Δ AndyX ROM™ v3.1 - Android ICS 4.0.3 - Tweaks (performance, battery saving, better signal, etc) - % Battery - No TouchWiz Launcher - And much more Δ


★ Based on Stock Firmware XXLP2 Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

★ Rooted with CF-Root

★ Deodexed

★ Zipaligned

★ Busybox

★ Removed Samsung TouchWiz Launcher

★ Ice Cream Sandwich Interface

★ Applications AOSP ICS 4.0 (Music, MMS, Browser, etc)

★ Includes Superuser.apk

★ Includes FM Radio.apk

★ Includes Widget Time and News .apk

★ Includes Camera.apk

★ Includes Flash Player.apk

★ Includes AndyX ROM Gallery .apk

★ Includes FaceUnlock.apk

★ Performance Tweaks:

* Improved speed data connection

* Improved speed internet connection

* Improved stability

* Improving the quality of images. Jpg and videos. Mp4

* etc

★ New icons (FMRadio, Gallery, Music, Phone, SMS, etc ...)

★ And much more ...


How to install Rom

1 - Being Root

2 - Copy from the PC. zip on the SD card

3 - Restart the phone in Recovery Mode

4 - Make Wipes:

* Wipe data

* Wipe cache

* Wipe Dalvik cache

* Wipe battery stats

5 - Install zip from sd card

6 - Locate the file and mark as i begin to flash the ROM

7 - Reboot system now

8 - Ready, enjoy the Rom!


* As with any Rom ICS may have its faults, I did not give me any so far, no FCs and no rebootS.

* The data I have gone well, but each phone and data company is a different world, so I will comment you.

* Any damage please report it as a comment on this topic to go to all improving Rom.

* Not 100% themed, missing many aesthetic arrangements, which updates it will change.

* DO NOT use a different kernel than the one that brings the Rom or CyanogenMod (CM9), if u change the Siyah not start the phone.

* If you can change the modem, they can start testing the comment you want and which do best in stability data.

* IMPORTANT: rom should let it settle and with 3 cycles of loading greatly improves battery is tested by me and many users.

Changelogs v3.1

★ New Modem LP6 (improves stability of the Data)

★ New Kernel LP6

★ 15 in Status Bar Toggles (JKay style)

★ CRT Off effect

★ More Tweaks in build.prop

★ Added AOSP Contacts.apk

★ Added AOSP Phone.apk

★ Added AOSP MMS.apk

★ Added AOSP Calendar.apk

★ Added AOSP Calculator.apk

★ More stability

★ Google Apps Updated to v10

★ And other things I'm forgetting now ...

Download Link v3.1


* Added AOSP browser. apk
* Arrangements in the Framework
* Fixes Settings. apk
* Fixes Sistem.UY. apk
* More style themed ICS.
* And other stuff more ...

Update 2 download link 9pcpfe63d


Install for Recovery/Install zip from sd card, do before installing wipe Dalvik cache, you dont loss data

* Added clock. apk
* Fixed icons in the status bar vibration
* Added email. apk and exchange. apk for synchronization
* Arrangements in the Framework
* Fixes Phone. Apk and Contacts. Apk
* Camara. Apk arranged and added the original icon of ICS.
* And other stuff more ...

Update 1 download link

**Please!** not post another link alternative that, when i can, upload Rom in other server.


Download Link



Flash via Recovery

* Pack with all apps Samsung: kkmsep3ix (FIX)

Please flash Kernel CM9 and Modem KG5 and greatly improves the Rom

Kernel CM9 jn16i8ow2

Modem KG5 db4apzkas

Modem LP6 CM9 q6r15fcs4
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Δ AndyX ROM™ v3.1 - Android ICS 4.0.3 - Tweaks - Battery % - No TouchWiz - and more Δ
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